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Traditional PR

Then Traditional PR services can help you realize it. At Brand Box, we offer traditional PR solutions covering all kinds of electronic.

Digital PR

In India, digital world is expanding at unprecedented speed and it’s influence over the audience is unmatched.


Do you want to scale your target markets and engage them creative through offline channels? Do you want to.


Content & Communications World is supported by aggressive marketing and extensive exhibitor programs to ensure..


Who we are and What we do

Basically, we are bunch of attention seekers as we scream out for attention. And boy!! We are loud. We are cheerful and colorful (that rhymed). And a bunch of creative people (that’s what we like being called) who are ready to face any challenge which comes our way.

We are bunch of talented story tellers, crazy thinkers, strategists, artists, producers, writers, superheroes, communication stalwarts, business managers, planners (yes, we are a rare breed).

We have had been doing a lot of projects involving branding, communication, media management, marketing all rolled into one (Could we be any more multi talented?)



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